Whisky Academy

We’re all staying with my grandpawrents for a couple of weeks. Luckily for me, my grandpapa is also the Chairman of Whisky Academy so I have an exclusive opportunity to expand my education on whisky.

I found him sitting in his revered ‘Research Chair’ one afternoon. I said to him, with wide eyes, “Grandpapa, teach me what you know about whisky.” He reached his large hand down and placed it on my head, then gently stroked my ear. He said that I was too young to drink whisky, or even appreciate it. Plus, he reminded me that I am in fact a dog. But when he saw my large, brown eyes turn slightly downwards exposing my disappointment, he decided to show me an empty bottle of the whisky he makes called STARWARD. He also let me sniff the woody, malty aromas. I loved it. I even licked the edge of the bottle, and the bottle stopper.

Thank you Grandpapa.

He tried to explain all about the barrelling and the ageing, and the ferments. But once I sniffed that ether, I wasn’t interested in anything else he had to say.


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