How do you love?

Just to remind everyone, I am a dog. Therefore, I don’t really have the most developed or profound understanding of love. I know I experience it all the time; licking my humans, eating a treat, ripping a toy apart. But I don’t really experience love, in an emotional or self aware fashion. It is projected onto me by humans. To be honest, whenever I wag my tail, they think I love something. How naive of them.

Any way, I’m trying to better understand love. It is, after all, Valentine’s Day. I’m not one to celebrate such holidays or milestones (mostly because I have no concept of time) but I thought I would declare my love for another. Today. Publicly. 

Unfortunately, time zones killed the crescendo of suspense and the declaration has fallen flat and silent.

I’ve since drowned my sorrows in another love of mine. Yoghurt. And this is where it gets confusing.  Can my love for yoghurt be the same as my love for Olive? Is this the same love I have for running off leash or eating crumbs? Will my life be more complete and meaningful with Olive, or with belly rubs? Because I love all these things.

At this stage, Olive is still sleeping in Norway. She will wake up to my public declaration. She will either declare her ardent love for me, saying that I too have always been the one. Or she may quietly reject me. Either way, I hope I get more yoghurt.


One thought on “How do you love?

  1. Cool 😎 website! My mummy (Sam) is a little slow on the uptake, but she finally got around to reading this post. I’m going to sleep well tonight, with the thought of these loving words…You even made both of my humans laugh. I hope you get all the yogurt 🍦 your heart is content with my love….and belly rubs, crumbs & running off the leash (Also one of my personal favorites).
    From your lover Olive


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